Paula and Cory

We photographed Paula and Cory on their 5 wedding anniversary to recreate their wedding pictures in some of their favourite places in Jasper. It was an incredible blue sky day in November and a bone chilling -28. Why is it that bride are oblivious to the cold? Paula and Cory were amazing couple who braved the cold and even lay in the snow to make snow angels!!!

Carolyn and Mike

This couple is getting married in the summer of 2012. They showed up for their winter engagement shoot completely prepared with snow-pants and snowshoes. It was a really fun shoot and Carolyn and Mike made our job a breeze as they were so comfortable in front of our cameras. Looking forward to the wedding day guys!

Karen and Andrew

This Scottish couple and 10 of their family members flew to Jasper for a storybook winter wedding. After an intimate ceremony in the Golf Clubhouse at Jasper Park Lodge, we took them to some of our favorite winter locations. Everyone from overseas thoroughly enjoyed themselves through-out the day and was more than willing to duck outside and brave the cold for group photos.

Laura and Rod

What a fun couple! What amazing weather! We could not have asked for any more inspiration than Laura and Rod and their great sense of humor and the most beautiful snow fall in memory. We knew that one of them would end up throwing someone into the snow and it turned out that Laura won that one! Thank-you two for a memorable shoot and many laughs.

Alex and Vern

Alex and Vern’s wedding was late October with just a hint of color in the trees and the grass looked like harvest straw. We could really feel the bond between Alex and Vern and they gave us some amazing moments. After a few hours outside, we headed in to the warmth of the fireplace of the Tonquin Room at the Fairmont. The evening continued with an intimate family dinner.

Melanie and Ian

What a way to kick of your wedding weekend in Jasper…a RCAF F-18 jet flying over Jasper.  Ian is a fighter pilot from Cold Lake and one of his fellow pilots did a low altitude fly by to get things off to a thunderous start.  It was amazing to see.  Melanie and Mark’s ceremony was on the Whistler Plateau at the Fairmont and we spent the afternoon on the grounds of the lodge taking advantage of the sunshine and mountain scenery.  All the facets of our military were represented at the dinner and they made themselves heard.  The speeches were very moving and we love the emotions that they invoked.  My favourite quote of the day “Did I mention I was a fighter pilot?”

Jessica and Jim

Our “Apple” bride.  After meeting with Jessica and Jim, I purchased an iPad 2 and Peg bought an iMac.  iPhones are just around the corner.  Two hours before the ceremony the four of us headed up to Pyramid Lake to get the last of the fall colors. The wedding was a small intimate affair at the Outlook Cabin at the Fairmont.  The entire cabin was glowing with candlelight and the night revolved around family and friends.

Ashleigh and Mark

Ashleigh’s family traveled all the way from the windy city, Chicago, for a beautiful wedding weekend at the Fairmont in Jasper.  The wedding party, twelve in all, was an amazing group to work with.  The boys went out for an impromptu little paddle on Beauvert Lake following the ceremony.  They were trying to get the girls to join them in the canoe but the girls (thankfully) thought better of it.

Meghan and Jack

This was one of our favorite couples of the summer.  They and their wedding party really made us feel like we had made new friends and we were honored that they choose us to cover their special day.  Thanks you guys!

Stephanie and Brandon

This gorgeous couple decided to elope in Jasper and we love the shots that we got of them.  Brandon is a fighter pilot and Stephanie a meteorologist.  Despite Stephanie’s skill at predicting the weather, we still had to duck into our cars to sit out a quick rain shower!