It’s not a wedding if it isn’t a time for ceremonies, rituals, celebrations, and heightened emotions. Amid this hubbub, the feeling of getting “married” often fails to settle in for the couple. For this reason, engagement photography is becoming more and more popular with couples getting married in Jasper. We are the engagement photographers in Jasper for you!

Without a doubt the most professional, knowledgeable, excitable, and friendly duo I have ever had the pleasure of taking photos for me! Peggy and David went above and beyond on a rainy day in Jasper to make sure my surprise engagement photos turned out perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and will not hesitate to work with them again if the opportunity arises.

Michael Newton

An engagement photo session is a great way to capture beautiful moments and get comfortable in front of the camera. It also lets the “soon-to-wed” couple spend some quality time together. Is there a better way to experience love than making memories that will last forever? The engagement session is also the perfect way to get a connection with your engagement photographers in Jasper.

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What is the deal with engagement photos?

Engagement photos are a great way to capture the love and excitement of your engagement. They can be used to announce your engagement to family and friends, or even to decorate your wedding invitations. But what exactly are they? Engagement photos are simply photographs of the happy couple, taken to commemorate their engagement. They originated in the Victorian era when young couples would often pose for a photo together before getting married. Jasper, Alberta is a beautiful place to take engagement photos, with its stunning mountain scenery and picturesque lakes.

Ever wonder what a Jasper engagement session feels like?

Engagement photos are a great way to:

– Announce your engagement to family and friends

– Save-the-dates for your wedding guests

– Decorate your wedding invitations

– Give as gifts to family and friends

-Become familiar with your engagement photographer in Jasper

engagement session Pyramid Island Jasper

Location Hunt

After talking to your Jasper photographer regarding the kind of pictures that you want, you can ask them which locations in the Jasper area will be most suitable. Keep in mind that most of the locations in Jasper that will deliver the most stunning backdrops may require a bit of hiking and an adventurous spirit.

What to wear

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that you and your partner are both comfortable in whatever clothing you choose. After all, you’ll be spending a fair amount of time walking around (and maybe even hiking) in order to get to the best locations for photos. You’ll also want to make sure that your clothing is appropriate for the location and the season. In general, it’s best to avoid anything too formal or fussy – remember, you want your photos to look natural and timeless.

Some other things to keep in mind when choosing what to wear for your engagement photos include avoiding matching outfits (unless that’s the look you’re going for), steering clear of busy patterns or logos, and making sure your clothes fit well. You should also feel free to personalize your outfit choices – this is your chance to show off your unique style as a couple!

So what does all of this mean for engagement photos in the mountains? Well, first of all, you’ll want to make sure that you both have warm clothing that you’re comfortable moving around in. Layering is always a good idea, as you never know what the weather will be like in the mountains.

Because you just never know what Mother Nature will throw your way!
Because you just never know what Mother Nature will throw your way!

Keeping your clothes casual really helps us get photos that reflect who you are within the Jasper scenery. You can always bring a change of clothes along if you really want some more elegant photos in the Rockies.

Engagement session overlooking Jasper Lake
Some of the best locations require a bit of a hike.

Talk The Talk

Before setting out for the best engagement photography in Jasper, it is important to discuss your expectations from the photography session with your photographer. Many couples prefer simplicity, while others may want their engagement photoshoot to be larger than life. Checking out your photographer’s portfolio will help to determine which photographers in Jasper will suit your needs. A Different Angle Photography offers a team approach to your photos. David and Peggy are your photographers if you want some adventure and fun! Our specialty is keeping our couples relaxed.

More Than Just A Face

Engagement photography sessions are not only about posing, smiling, and capturing portraits. It is a time for the couples to connect with each other as well as their photographers. At times, your photographer will focus on your hands, your feet, your engagement rings, and any other details that represent you as a couple. A team approach to your engagement photography session lends itself to one photographer taking the set-up portraits while the other photographer looks for the unique moments surrounding your session. Your photographers will look for moments that make you unique as a couple.

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Tell Your Story

Make your engagement photography session in Jasper more enjoyable by telling the engagement photographers in Alberta about your love story. Tell us how you met, your personalities, the places that you like to go together, and your likes and dislikes. If the situation allows, have your photos taken in your favorite locations in Jasper. Convey your story through these photos. It is important that your photos have a personalized touch instead of just lots of images of the two of you. The best engagement photographers in Jasper should encapsulate your love story and create memories that you will treasure forever. Hey- that sounds like exactly like we do!

Jennifer and Evan come to Horseshoe Lake every summer so it was important for them to have their engagement photos taken here.
Jennifer and Evan come to Horseshoe Lake every summer so it was important for them to have their engagement photos taken here.

After your Jasper elopement session…

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