There is a new and exciting type of photography that we are experiencing here in Jasper, Alberta. It is the “surprise proposal” and it is one of our favorite moments to capture and we can’t stop talking about it!  While 2021 was the year of elopements, so were surprise proposals. Pyramid Island was one of the best proposal locations in Jasper to pop the question. We can help you choose the best proposal location in Jasper- just drop us a line!

Jasper has many locations for surprise proposals, but the tricky part is finding just the right spot. Don’t worry, we are here to help you to coordinate all of the details. We can help you find the best proposal location in Jasper. We can help make the process seamless and lessen your stress as we know that popping the question is stressful enough on its own!

The art of the surprise proposal

Your surprise Jasper proposal does not have to be over the top or elaborate. The views in Jasper are enough to make the moment that you propose memorable enough. Honestly, the words that you are speaking at that point are far more important than your surroundings.  Hiring a Jasper photographer to capture this moment and help you coordinate it will make the love of your life even happier.  They will get to see the moments captured in photos especially when they don’t even really know what is happening at the time. Typically we just hide in the general area and sometimes pretend that we are “birders” looking for a particular specimen. This is when we have our fun!

After the proposal, we will give you some time to let the moment sink in and we can then take some more portraits to truly mark the momentous occasion. By this point, you will be relaxed and smiling and guaranteed to get some fantastic photos.  The most asked questions after the proposal are, “How did he propose?” and “What does the ring look like?”.  Make sure to take time to get some amazing photos- don’t rush the session. 

Below is an example of one of our most memorable surprise proposal sessions. We thank Lance and Trish for entrusting us to capture their love for each other.

160Trish and Lance 1024x683 - Best proposal locations in Jasper

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