Are you planning to elope in Jasper this summer? Elopements are one of our favorite life events to capture with our cameras and our hearts. Over the years, we have worked hard to immerse ourselves in each wedding day that we document and we at A Different Angle Photography have found that elopements are the perfect place to feed our creative and adventurous souls.

The serenity of the mountains make it impossible to not fall in love!

Choosing to elope in Jasper does not meet that you have to have what is called a “micro wedding”. We do not think that getting married ever is considered a “micro” event and we have decided not to adopt that terminology here in Jasper. The mountains are vast and so is your love for each other. Choosing to marry the one that you love should not dictate the amount of people that you invite to your wedding or even the amount of pomp and circumtance that should surround your wedding day.

Ultimately, your wedding is just about the two of you.

As elopements become more popular, so does the desire of couples to have their wedding documented to the fullest so that they can not only share the photos with the family and friends, but also to pass on the memories to future generations. If you want to Elope in Jasper, we want to capture all of the moments that occur around your day- your laugher, your tears and all of the tender moments. Documenting these emotions has never been more important in the world that we live in today.

How to choose your elopement location in Jasper

If you are going to truly elope in Jasper with just the two of you, the possibilities for locations are truly limitless. Sarah and Mat arrived in Jasper a couple of days before their wedding and chose a remote location that allowed for both privacy and a stunning view.

Jasper elopement
Eloping allows you to choose a remote and more personalized location.

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If you want to choose a more remote location, make sure that the vendors that you hire are up for a hike, if necessary, and also make sure that they are up for an adventure if that is what you have in mind.

This is how Sarah and Mat’s legacy began:

jasper elopement
Jasper elopement
elope in Jasper
Jasper elopement

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