The Jasper Skytram is one of the most beautiful places to elope in Jasper, Alberta. We had the absolute pleasure of providing wedding photography for Jennifer and Kelvin’s elopement package at the highest wedding venue in Jasper during the summer of 2021. We joined them, their four children, their wedding planner, and wedding commissionaire and hiked to the top of the mountain once we exited the tram car. It was a perfect morning and we took many photos as we ascended and descended the mountain.

Here is some advice from a couple that eloped on the Jasper Skytram

bride and groom holding hands as the ascent the mountain at the Skytram along with a crowd of people

How did you meet and fall in love?

Kelvin and I met at a local pub where I worked as a waitress. When Kelvin walked in, I immediately noticed him and insisted to the other waitresses that I serve him. There was an immediate connection between the two of us that grew from an instant friendship to an unbreakable bond. Our connection and love extended effortlessly to our children, who now endearingly call each other family. 

Tell us about the proposal and was it a surprise?

The proposal was absolutely a surprise. After a long difficult day at work, I came home, put my bags down, and was completely surprised when my youngest daughter (then 7 years old) jumped out from behind the wall with a huge bouquet of flowers. “surprise”! Before I could even thank her, out popped my other daughter (9 years old) with another giant bouquet of flowers. Then seconds later my son (10 years old) with an equally large bouquet, and finally out came Kelvin going down onto one knee with a ring box open in his hands, and asked me if I would marry him.

My kids were jumping up and down in excitement holding their cheeks asking me if I will marry him. I looked at the three of them and assured them that this is not just my decision to make. I knew I wanted to say yes, but I first asked them if they too say yes, because I always told them we are a family and a package deal. They of course screamed ‘Yes’! And so did I.

Why did you choose to elope in Jasper, Alberta?

A few years ago, Kelvin, the kids, and I went on a family vacation through BC and to Edmonton Alberta. On our way back we decided to take the route back through Jasper National Park to have a more scenic drive. We spotted the Jasper Sky tram sign on a billboard and were totally intrigued. Our trip up to this point had been all planned events. We had some extra time, we were excited to check it out. We were in such awe of the incredible views and beauty and it quickly became the highlight of the trip and one of our all-time favorite places. So when we found out that we could actually get married at the peak, we were ecstatic! 

groom with his arm around the bride walking on the Jasper Skytram

What challenges did you have planning your wedding in Jasper?

The most difficult part in planning our wedding from so far away was not knowing the local amenities/vendors, weather patterns, or secret local attractions, or what to do or where to go if something goes sideways. But because we had such amazing wedding planners, Jordan and Brett at Jasper Events, we ended up with no stress, an amazing team, and a perfect day!  

feet of man and woman walking
bride and groom followed by 2 girls and 2 boys walking up a mountain
wedding ceremony in front of large mountains- Elope in Jasper

Any advice that you would give to a couple looking to elope on the Jasper Skytram?

Our advice would be to definitely get a wedding planning team! Our wedding team led us to the very welcoming Wild Orchid Salon and Spa for makeup and hair for my girls and me, A Different Angle Photography who went above and beyond for our photo’s and really embraced the joy of our special day with us, our sweet marriage commissioner Greg Van Tighem, as well, they led us to local favorite places to explore, set up our taxi, breakfast, and so much more leaving no barriers that would affect our day. They were truly amazing and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Also, be clear to your team as to what experience is important to you. Our incredible photographers Peggy and David were willing to go the distance with us up to the peak. They left us with the most incredible pictures to reminisce and share. As well, Jordan and Brett found Greg Van Tighem who was fit and friendly, and willing to go up the mountain with us.

Our day was absolutely perfect but be prepared for mother nature. The temperature at the peak is a bit cooler and can change day by day! Whatever the weather though, I know that it would be worth it. A Different Angle Photography will capture your day in the best way.

bride signing wedding certificate on rock while groom and children look on

What was the favorite part of your wedding day?

Of course, marrying my best friend and officially joining our families together on top of the world and it being captured with tears and so much fun. Really the entire experience of having a wedding that not only is built upon our love of nature and being active, but also, there is something so incredible about customizing your day to something outside of the box and special for you both. Our day was personal and truly about us, without getting caught up in the thoughts and desires of others.

bride, groom and family sitting on a rock looking at each other- elope in Jasper
bride, groom and family walking along on the Jasper Skytram
bride, groom and 4 children jumping up in the air at the Jasper Skytram
bride groom and 4 children pose around a rock in front of mountain range- Elope in Jasper

Tell us a little about where you held for your reception or meal after the wedding.

We had our reception at The Inn Grill Restaurant at Jasper Inn and Suites. They set us up at a beautiful table on the outside patio near the garden. The food was fantastic, having options for everyone, and the staff was so welcoming, and even after the restaurant closed they left us be to enjoy the rest of our evening without having to leave before we were ready. 

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