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Having your engagement photos taken in Jasper is about so much more than the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. It is about the connection between you and your partner. How and why do you love each other? Have you ever looked at a photo in a magazine or online and actually felt a gut reaction? That is exactly what we do at A Different Angle Photography. We want to capture emotional engagement photos that occur during the photography session whether that be laughter or tears or both!

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We want to create an organic environment so that you will drop your guard and forget about the cameras.

But we are totally uncomfortable in front of the camera!

The majority of our couples fall into this category, and that is why you want to hire a professional photography company. Capturing emotional engagement photos is about so much more than knowing how to use your camera or the time of day that works best for photos. We want you to connect with each other and we want to connect with you. Our years of experience as a local photography team in Jasper have given us a toolbox of tricks and techniques that helps us to get our couples to relax and drop their guards so that we can capture those beautiful emotional engagement photos that they will look back on for years to come.

Hire Jasper local experts.

You need to look no farther than Jasper, Alberta to find a photography team to take your engagement photos. Your licensed local photographers will know all the hidden gems in the Jasper area and will be able to give you a unique insight into our beautiful mountain town. Hiring locals makes sense as we want to make sure that your visit to Jasper is memorable and fun.

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Why should I hire a professional photographer, why not just ask a friend?

Hiring a professional photographer over having a friend take your photos is a decision that you should consider. Do you want photos that truly reflect you as a couple, that incorporate the environment into the photos but still feature you? Do you want someone that knows how to take photos at any location or time of day? Do you value photography and how the photos will make you feel? How much emotional value do they put on the product that they deliver? These are all questions that you should ask yourself and also that you should question your photographer about whether they are professional photographers or not.

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But professional photography is just too expensive!

If you value photos and the memories that they will provide you and generations to come you will agree that photos are truly priceless. They are the one thing that we all can connect with. They remind us of the good times and the hard times that we have all experienced in life. Think of the object that you would grab if you were told that you had to evacuate your house. Would it be a photo album, an old photo of your parents, or a childhood pet? Now, think about how little a photography session actually costs compared to losing those precious photos and albums.

I highly recommend them! They were so excited to capture our engagement and made our day extra special. You made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Thank you! We truly love every photo.

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