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Planning your engagement in Alberta?

 Although the main focus of professional photography is weddings, there’s something to be said about investing the same energy into engagement photographs. Engagement photography is a rare occasion when the couple is not burdened by wedding planning yet can delight in their special event. Engagement photographers in Alberta are all set to take on this task, which is greatly inspired by the amazing landscape that will become the canvas for your photos. The seasons in Alberta all lend themselves to producing incredible images that A Different Angle Photography guarantee will be unforgettable. 

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Engagement photography- just do it!

My (our) experience with Peggy and David of A Different Angle Photography (DAP) was fantastic!

I had DAP there for a surprise engagement and they were extremely discreet and professional and managed to capture the special moment forever. I had to schedule everything last minute as my planning from months before was all canceled due to COVID-19. When the opportunity came up to finally go ahead with it, DAP was able to accommodate on short notice.

Having our ‘engagement shoot’ afterwards is probably one of the best parts. We were beaming with joy from having just gotten engaged and the photos show that.

Lastly, it was fun! Peggy and David and wonderful people and apart from being so accommodating, professional, and talented–we also had a great time with them and lots of laughs. Ty Finn

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Over the years, engagement photography or pre-wedding photoshoots have seen growing popularity amongst couples that are preparing to get married. Although you might think of it as an unnecessary expense, it can prove to be worth the investment, both emotionally and financially. Professional engagement photographers embrace these moments as it almost a preparation of what to expect on your wedding day.  You will be relaxed on your wedding day with your photographers because you already have some history with them.  The most significant perk is that it offers the newly engaged couple the chance to spend time together while capturing images that portray their happiness.

At A Different Angle Photography, all photographs represent who you are- no matter if you are shy or awkward or if you love to have your photo taken. It gives you a sneak peek into the story of your lives that is about to unfold.  Engagement photographers in Alberta feel that they should take full advantage of the breathtaking and serene views that Jasper National Park has to offer.

Find highly reliable engagement photographers in Alberta to document your day

Who doesn’t love candid, unfiltered images that are evidence of your bond as a soon-to-be-married couple? At Different Angle Photography, we want you to appreciate all of life’s occasions as profoundly as possible while gaining a chance to relive them whenever the mood strikes. This is why our professional engagement photographers provide an eclectic style of photography that evolves based on your preference. Days go by quickly, and only photos remain to remind you of a time gone by, so let’s create images that tell your story.

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