wedding couple walking on path at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge wedding couple walking on path at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Jasper Park Lodge Wedding

Are you dreaming of getting married in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Alberta? Look no further than Jasper Park Lodge for your special day! From floral arrangements to hair and makeup, you can have your wedding exactly as you have always dreamed. And, best of all, there is a team of experienced local professionals ready to ensure that your story is captured perfectly. Let us walk you through your day staring at the hair salon, followed by floral design, your DJ, and us- your photographers! We will try to answer all your questions about how your wedding day will unfold at the iconic Jasper Park Lodge.

Bride in Salon at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Bride in Salon at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Wedding day beauty!

Every wedding should start with being pampered and being treated like a queen! Wild Orchid Salon at Jasper Park Lodge offers the very best in hair and make-up services for your wedding day. They are conveniently located in the basement of JPL. Nadia is the owner of Wild Orchid and has been a stylist and aesthetician for 20 and is your go-to for any "bridal beauty" questions. We absolutely love covering the getting ready portion of your day as it allows us to get to know you and your bridal party and allows you all to get comfortable in front of our cameras.

Bridal bouquet at Jasper Park Lodge Bridal bouquet at Jasper Park Lodge

Floral arrangements just for you!

The florists at Jasper Park Lodge specialize in creating unique floral arrangements tailored just for each couple. Whether it's simple and elegant or bold and vibrant, they will work with you to find exactly what fits your vision perfectly. Head florist Marna and her team are always ready to assist you with any questions about seasonal flowers and wedding trends.

Wedding ceremony at Jasper Park Lodge. Wedding ceremony at Jasper Park Lodge.

Your wedding officiant

One of the most important aspects of your wedding ceremony is your officiant. They can make you feel comfortable when you are nervous. They play an integral role in making your service go smoothly. All of the wedding officiants are amazing in Jasper and we work with all of them seamlessly.

wedding couple cutting their cake at Jasper Park Lodge wedding couple cutting their cake at Jasper Park Lodge

Have your cake and eat it too!

The pastry team at Jasper Park Lodge has got you covered for your wedding cake needs. The wedding cake has been a part of the ceremony since the ancient Greeks and Romans. As part of the nuptials, the groom broke bread over the bride's head. This was to symbolize her submission, the end of her purity, and to represent good luck and fertility. Fortunately, this is not a tradition that we observe anymore!!!

Bride sitting on the dance floor holding up her drink while others guests on the dance floor look on. Bride sitting on the dance floor holding up her drink while others guests on the dance floor look on.

Dance the night away!

You're going to want an amazing soundtrack to accompany your celebration, and Jasper's Alpine Music has got it covered! DJ Tommy K has an extensive library of music, that will work with you to create a playlist perfect for setting the atmosphere and getting everyone out on the dance floor. Whether its classic rock or modern pop songs, Tommy and his team will help keep the energy up all night long!

Man and woman standing in front of Lake Louise. Man and woman standing in front of Lake Louise.

Your Jasper photography team!

We are David and Peggy- also known as Turk and Peg. We are relentless in our pursuit of capturing our wedding story. We work as a team and say that we share a brain. A great way to describe our style is like a mean- one is the meat and potatoes and the other, is the spice. It never hurts to throw in a splash of wine now and again- red, please! We love our dogs Reuger and Gunner and never miss the chance to share their photos with anyone that asks! If you want a team that love what they do and wants to integrate themselves into your day, we are your people!

A day in the life of a wedding at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Are you ready to make your dream day a reality? When you hire David and Peggy of A Different Angle Photography, we will take care of the photography end so that your special day can go as stress-free as possible! With over 25 years of experience capturing Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge weddings, we know how to capitalize on the stunning natural beauty surrounding us. We approach each wedding day as a story that unfolds, not a photo shoot. We truly capture all angles from every experience. That is why couples who have chosen us love their wedding photographs that document this singular story. It’s where two hearts become one against mother nature’s sublime backdrop. Join us now for a peek behind the scenes at an ordinary day in life (it’s anything but) captured through our lenses.

Getting Ready With David and Peggy.

When you get ready with David and Peggy of A Different Angle Photography , it will be an energetic experience like no other! We will bring a unique team approach to your wedding. As we say, one photographer takes the “meat and potatoes”moments while the other provides that extra bit of “spice”. Whether it’s helping with last-minute details or capturing candid moments, you will see how seamlessly we work together. We say that we share a brain! Regardless of what kind of photos you’re looking for, you can trust A Different Angle to take care of all your needs and provide unparalleled results!

Capturing the moment you say “I do!” – The Best Part of Working with a Professional Photography Team

When you hire David and Peggy of A Different Angle Photography for your wedding, you’re getting a team of professionals whose job is to capture every moment. That includes the big moments like ‘I do’ and the small moments too. To us, the best part of having us there when you say “I do” – is seeing it from two different angles. As a team, we work together to capture, not create, images that show the emotion behind each moment. It’s our teamwork through two different lenses that will make your experience with A Different Angle Photography special. We will capture memories that you will always treasure!

Your Memories – How A Different Angle Photography Captures Your Precious Moments

We understand that life is full of fleeting moments, and we know how important it is to capture them. David and Peggy are more than just photographers – we are memory keepers. We don’t just click a button and the moment is gone; we observe the room, feel the energy and truly engross ourselves in your special day. We see ourselves as observers of human nature. Our connection with people provides us with an unparalleled ability to capture the genuine essence of your day. We know that by working together with couples, we can combine our creative vision with their ideas to make sure each milestone becomes a beautiful part of their story forever. Whether you are saying your vows at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, Maligne Lake or anywhere in Jasper National Park, we have one purpose: to create memories that will be yours to keep for a lifetime!

Exploring Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge – Touring the Venue with David and Peggy

Exploring Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge with David and Peggy is a unique, fun experience. Lac Beauvert’s blue water, the wide open spaces and stunning views provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Embrace both the feeling of the location and the energy that radiates between you two as you explore! From every angle, every moment potentially presents itself to be taken advantage of. As your photographers, we will provide support and direction to make sure you feel relaxed and confident. In no time at all JPL will become your own piece of paradise providing everlasting memories of your wedding day!

Taking Time For Yourself – Relaxing in Between the Moments During Your Day of Fun

What happens between the set-up photos is where the magic happens! Securing A Different Angle Photography on your wedding day allows you to create a schedule for taking breaks in between the “set-up” portion of your day. Consider it a special time just for you, dedicated to unwinding, renewing your energy and catching your breath during your day. David and Peggy believe that taking breaks and forgetting the cameras can give us a real insight into your connection as a couple. Often the set-up photos are needed to help lead you into a transitional moment. 

Encapsulating That Love – How A Different Angle Photography Helps You Capture the Love of Your Life

Hiring A Different Angle Photography to help you capture your love is like taking a step back in time. Through our eyes, we will remind you of how your wedding day felt forever for years to come. With a focus on fun, witty and energetic photos, we make sure that every moment is celebrated and treasured, allowing you to save – or rekindle – those moments for years to come. Remembering that feeling has never been easier when it’s captured by A Different Angle Photography!

What Have We Learned as Photographers?

Wedding days are all about the special moments, and capturing lasting memories. More often than not, these moments are not anticipated they just happen. We love being able to include those authentic moments. If you are having a Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge wedding, make time for the photography aspect of your day. If you’re looking for a photography team who will capture the best parts of your story while still having fun with it, then you have to go with A Different Angle Photography! What will your wedding day feel like? What is your story? Let David and Peggy tell it by bringing a different angle to everything they do — literally!

Bride and groom embracing in from of Lac Beauvert at night.

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