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Jasper is perfect for family photos

If you are looking for a way to capture memories of your family that will last a lifetime, consider booking a session with “A Different Angle Photography” in Jasper, Alberta is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and what could be more memorable than photos taken outdoors against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains or shimmering lakes? We are family photographers in Jasper and we want to tell your family story!

We did a family session with our 2 year old and Peggy and David were so awesome to work with! They were very personable and patient with our energetic toddler. The pictures turned out so beautifully, natural and vibrant. Thank you, Different Angle Photography, for capturing these precious moments for my family!!!

Chrizzia Gee

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Why hire a professional photographer?

Have you been frustrated at being unable to capture the perfect moment when your child did something funny? Or, have you attempted to take a family portrait where everyone is looking at everything except the camera? Whether it’s a special holiday, birthday or just a routine day, life presents moments that we would like to preserve forever. Sometimes this is harder than we realize. This is where Jasper family photography comes into play! Professional family photographers are skilled at bringing out raw emotions and capturing them through their lenses.

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Why are family photos so coveted?

A picture never changes, even when everything else does. Most importantly, we understand the potency that a family portrait holds, and visualize something that cannot be put into words. Our goal at A Different Angle Photography is to take pictures that portray the bond, and the uniqueness of each family, and freeze it in a frame forever.

Similarily, it takes a specialized skill to take family photos. That’s why we have honed our skills to uniquely capture your family. Personalized interactions make photography more meaningful. It is why we love to get to know the family, their hobbies, what they like to do together as a family, and everything else in between. When you hire a professional family photographer, this is what they bring to the table; the ability to create a distinct image that has meaning to you.

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A Different Angle Photography are fabulous! At my parents 65th wedding anniversary at Jasper Park lodge, we were fortunate enough to have Peggy and David do a photo shoot with us.This team is really familiar with the beautiful environment of Jasper and how to achieve gorgeous shots. What amazing family photos that we will cherish for a life time. Kathy Sommerville

Outdoor Family photography  

Jasper has no shortage of outdoor locations. It makes the ideal backdrop to capture your family portraits and candid moments. Outdoor family photography is our favorite as outside lends to our families being more relaxed. We will create images that are not overly posed or contrived.   Interacting with nature is instinctive as human beings are closely connected with it.  Think of the look on your child’s face when he sees snow for the first time or sees a butterfly or marvels at the large looming trees.  You want that to be immortalized. Jasper family photogaphers, “A Different Angle Photography” is here to do just that!

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Jasper photographers are here to capture every special moment!

Many milestones in a family deserve their place in the family legacy. Photographs are the perfect way to do that. From showing off your newborn to celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. Each event deserves its place in your family history. Jasper family photographers are excited to cover your event no matter the scale. We offer you the rare chance of capturing all precious moments without stressing yourself out. There are many intricacies in taking family photographs. Peggy and David at A Different Angle Photography pride themselves on being the best at it.

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Time passes us by and moments are over in the blink of an eye.  We use that second to freeze it with our camera so that you can relive it as much as possible. While we do have a vision, it’s the family that supplies us with the mood, tone, and action. All we are here to do is create an environment conducive to producing images that portray your family’s uniqueness. In conclusion, professional Jasper family photographers have an inherent skill that enables them to bring out your uninhibited side in front of the camera. This will leave you with the best results.

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Peggy and David not only provided us with excellent photos but personal warmth. They went above and beyond to make our moment very special. On the day of our photos, sadly I lost my engagement ring. The next day, David came to our cabin with a metal detector to help look for my ring. We later found it. Certainly, a great heart and amazing customer service.
G. Julina Rey Parra


Peggy and Dave were a great team! We did family photos with three generations. With 4 kids under 9 it was nice to have the candid shots as well as the staged photos. Very happy with our photos and will cherish these photos for years to come.
Jennifer Dungate

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