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If you look back at your family photographs, they tell a story that started with your birth and is ongoing. Family photographers Alberta love being a part of your story and helping you tell it the way you want. Before you know it, you’ll be sending your kids off to college, and all you will have are precious memories and, of course, photos to remind you of a time when your babies still needed you. Imagine yourself 20 years from now, feeling nostalgic, you reach for the family photo album, what do you see, the struggle of capturing the perfect photo at Christmas, or the mischievous smile in your toddler’s eyes as he grabs the cat’s tail? This vision will set you on the course to get your desired family photos, and that will help us in delivering them to you.

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Family photographers in Alberta want you to remember your family as it was; a perfect combination of chaos and pride. From the Sunday breakfast mayhem, the paddling pool extravaganza, a trip to the farmer’s market, and everything in between. These are moments that you will miss the most and wish would return.

Let Alberta photographers document smiles and laughter! 

Professional photographers in Alberta are always looking for new ways to relate your story. How will our photography capture your family dynamics? At A Different Angle Photography, David and Peggy are upping our photography game. We are up to date on the latest photo trends. Whether you want an Instagram-worthy shot or photo to create wall art with, we have got you covered. We want you to look back and be happy that these moments occurred in your life. They will be captured with their true essence. Life is busy and unpredictable, and we believe in documenting every moment so that its effects are everlasting.

We did some family pictures in September and they were awesome! They were great at working with our big group including 4 young children. I would recommend these photographers to anyone who wants to have wonderful pictures done in the beautiful setting of Jasper. Jennifer Kirstiuk
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Professional family photographers are skilled at honing in on moments that shape the life and relationships of your children. These moments often go unnoticed, but it is at these times that the child learns the importance of family. It is the glue that holds everyone together. Sometimes we need to slow down and remember that no matter how busy life gets, family is the most important. If captured with the right intention, the ordinary can be the most beautiful, even artistic.

Outdoor photography Alberta

Alberta outdoors is no stranger to us and provides us with limitless photo opportunities all year round.  With A Different Angle Photography, you will be getting a personalized experience. We capture the best photos when we are connected with our subjects. Outdoor photography in Alberta will be magical when you let go of your inhibitions and just be! Forget that someone is observing you or taking photographs. We are adept at blending in with the background. Family time is captured best when you are relaxing in nature, This is why we get comfortable with the family before taking photos.  Let us be a part of your family for a little while so that we can document your legacy.   

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