Jasper Winter Wedding

There is nothing more beautiful than pristine Pyramid Mountain or a frozen lake show casing your Jasper winter wedding.  Winter weddings  are the most predictable when it comes to weather.  You can always come prepared for the cold and snow.  Its the perfect opportunity to buy a beautiful winter coat to accessorize your wedding attire. We always encourage our couples to consider their foot wear and choice of outerwear.

High heeled shoes are a fantastic idea if you don’t mind freezing your feet and can add a beautiful dramatic look to your photos, but  also please consider bringing winter boots if you really want to get into deep snow. If you come prepared, the sky is the limit for winter wedding photos.  You will get truly unique Jasper wedding photos if you choose to hold your wedding at one of the many Jasper wedding venues.  One thing to consider is the limited light in Jasper during the winter.

Consider having your photos earlier in the day. This allows for enough time to capture fantastic photos will proper lighting conditions.  Having your ceremony later in the day also allows the opportunity of having a romantic candle lit wedding ceremony.  Winter also allow for beautiful sunset photos as the sun goes down so early.  If you are looking for some fun activities there are many opportunities for adventure as well as thing to do to just relax in our winter wonderland.



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