The summer of 2021 is going to be a great time to take family photos in Jasper, Alberta. We are all reuniting as families and this is a wonderful opportunity to have professional photos taken while you are visiting Jasper. Pyramid Island is a lovely location to do this. It is accessible to all ages and offers many locations to capture great family photos in Jasper.

They hopped in their van and drove from Ontario to Jasper with their five kids!

We have been so lucky to capture many family photos over the last few weeks. One of the families that we really connected with was Jamie, Brad, and their 5 amazing children. They drove from Ontario and are spending 5 weeks on the road camping and exploring. We have met many families and parents over the years and this encounter, in particular, struck us with how kind and patient they were with their kids. Photographing them was a real honor. Oh, and by the way, Jamie surprised the kids by announcing that they will all be getting a new brother or sister in about 7 months! Congratulations!

mother, father and 5 small children on a rock- family photos in Jasper Alberta
husband, wife and 5 children posing for a photo- family photos in Jasper Alberta
husband, wife and 5 children announcing birth of 6th child while holding a sign-family photos in Jasper Alberta

Why should we have our family photos taken while in Jasper?

Typically, when you are on vacation, it’s the perfect time to have your family photos taken. It’s a time when everyone will be relaxed and will want to document the moment. Jasper, Alberta is such a beautiful place, so why not have your photos taken while your family is happy and the scenery is breathtaking. We know lots of locations for family photos, be it Pyramid Island, Jasper Park Lodge, or some out-of-the-way location that we would love to show you.

Everyone has a unique family story…

We at A Different Angle Photography want to tell your unique family story through our lenses. It doesn’t matter if everyone smiles. It doesn’t matter if your clothes don’t match. It doesn’t matter if you feel awkward in front of the camera. We are going to capture your true essence and provide you with memories of how you felt during the session. We will go beyond just plunking you in front of a beautiful backdrop. We are going to show your unique family story…

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