Jasper, Alberta family photographers

Peggy and Dave were a great team! We did family photos with three generations. With 4 kids under 9 it was nice to have the candid shots as well as the staged photos. Very happy with our photos and will cherish these photos for years to come.

3 children playing next to the water at Pyramid Lake | Jasper family photographers

We walked into the session ready for the family portrait session, we left after nearly 3 hours of having captured the true reality of what a family is all about: laughter, screams, sword fights, and cat impersonations. We didn’t know if we were coming or going, but we knew that this is the whole reason we love photography. It is not about the perfectly posed photo- seriously does a young family just perch on a log and smile and look at the camera? Do we walk through life looking perfectly composed? No, we are messy and raw. We as photographers hold up a mirror to life- the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. A truly spontaneous and authentic family photo session in Jasper can result in pure magic! We are your Jasper, Alberta family photographers!

We met up with Caroline and Mike and their 4 kids with one goal: have some fun!

The Jasper family photo session started at the beautiful Pyramid Island (which is perfect for family photos by the way!!). While Caroline and Mike surveyed the scene calmly, …possibly thinking, “Oh please don’t destroy anything right now…” these kids were ready for an adventure. David and I were hovering around making sure that no one ended up in the lake. We kept our cameras up to our eyes the whole time. Because you never know when that moment is going to happen.

woman holding little boy while they both smile | Jasper family photographers
Little girl and woman comfort little boy as he cries | Jasper family photography
Boy and girl walking across a log | Jasper family photographers
Little girl and man play with little boy | Jasper family photographers
Little boy smiling and holding out his arms |Jasper Family Photographers

And then it did happen…they started sword fighting with sticks, and we captured a behind-the-scenes look into their family life. Caroline and Mike were brave enough to let us capture them as they really are with their kids: strong, loving parents who are fun too! Yes these pictures may be unposed but they tell the truth about these people, this family; that’s what matters most in all of this mayhem.

The Jasper family photo session was a blast!

The kids were constantly on the move: climbing trees, running through the forest, and finding new things to explore. We followed them around as they led us on an adventure. Every time we thought we had them posed for a shot, they would quickly break out into laughter or start goofing off. It was pure chaos but it was “REAL family” life. That is what family photos in Jasper should be all about!

These are the moments that we love to capture- the in-between moments when nobody is quite posing correctly and life is just happening.

At the end of the session, we had captured many photos- both posed and candid. We were so excited to share them with Caroline and Mike. We are so grateful that they entrusted us to photograph their family once again- this time, capturing the unposed moments of life. If you are looking for Jasper, Alberta family photographers, check us out!

Family of six sitting on a big rock and smiling | Jasper family photographers

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Pointers from Jasper, Alberta family photographers to get great family photos:

*Make room in the session for the “real” life of your family.

*Unposed sessions yielding beautiful and authentic results.

*Forget about the cameras and concentrate on each other.

*Letting kids run wild for natural and spontaneous shots is key!

*Bring a game or something that you like to do to the family session.

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