Peg and Turk’s insider Jasper elopement tips

Do you want to get married but don’t want the fuss and stress that often comes with planning a big wedding? If so, eloping might be the perfect solution for you! Jasper, Alberta is home to some of the most beautiful elopement locations in the world. You can choose a spot that is as wild and rugged or as serene and peaceful as you like. Eloping is a great way to focus on just the two of you and have the wedding of your dreams without any outside pressure. So why not consider Jasper for your elopement? We promise you won’t regret it! This Jasper elopement guide is designed to help answer some questions that you may have. We are Peg and Turk, and we want to tell your story!

Wedding couple on top of a mountain by the Overlander Trail in Jasper, Alberta

Jasper is a stunning location for an elopement

If you’re considering eloping in Jasper, Alberta, you’ve come to the right place! It offers many beautiful spots for exchanging your vows. In this guide, we’ll tell you about some of the best places to get married in Jasper as well as the legal requirements. We’ll also show you some of our favorite photos of elopements we’ve photographed in Jasper. Let us help you can see just how beautiful your wedding could be!

groom dipping and kissing bride at Athabasca Day Use are in Jasper National Park | Jasper photographers

Eloping in Jasper, Alberta

When you elope in Jasper, you have the whole world at your feet. Literally. With its towering mountains and pristine lakes, Jasper is a nature lover’s paradise. Whether you want to get married in the middle of the Rockies or beside a serene lake, there are plenty of options for an unforgettable elopement ceremony. One thing that we can not stress enough is: come prepared for the elements. Bring your hiking boots, a see-through umbrella, warm packable clothes and snacks! Also, water is a must. If you come prepared, nothing will stand in your way of having a perfect day.

wedding couple walking along a mountain side |Jasper photographers

Make your Jasper elopement about you!

Jasper is also a great choice for couples who want to keep their wedding small and intimate. Since you won’t have to worry about accommodating a large group of guests, you can really focus on making your elopement ceremony exactly what you want it to be. And with so many amazing places to choose from, finding the perfect spot for your ceremony will be a breeze!

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Why eloping is a great choice

Eloping is a great choice for couples who want to keep their wedding simple and stress-free. By eloping, you can avoid the hassle and expense of planning a traditional wedding. And since you won’t have to worry about guest lists, catering, or other logistics, you can really focus on what’s important: each other!

Eloping is also a great choice for couples who want to have an adventurous wedding. If you and your partner love to travel and explore new places, getting married in a beautiful location like Jasper will be an unforgettable experience. Locations are as abundant as your imagination!

wedding couple walking in the wild flowers with Pyramid Mountain in the background | Jasper photographers

What you need to know ahead of time

Before you start planning your elopement in Jasper, there are a few things you’ll need to take care of first. Our Jasper Elopement guide will help you check all of the boxes. The most important thing is to make sure that you have all the required paperwork in order. In Alberta, you’ll need a marriage license and two witnesses over the age of 18 in order to get married. You can apply for a marriage license at any registry office in the province. Luckily for you, we are a team of photographers that double as built-in witnesses! Your photographers also have to be licenced to photograph in Jasper National Park as well as in The municipality of Jasper. You’ll also want to ensure your officiant is adventurous! Here are two wedding officiants that we highly recommend:  Behitched by Laura and GVT Weddings.

Once you have your marriage license, you’ll need to decide on a location for your ceremony. Jasper offers many beautiful locations for elopements, so take some time to explore the options below and find the perfect spot for you. Many couples make a trip out to Jasper to scout out some locations ahead of time. Once you’ve decided on a date and location, secure your photographers in place. A Different Angle Photography is highly experienced in photographing elopements in Jasper and would love to be a part of your big day! If you’re on the adventurous side, the sky is the limit for your location! You do not have to choose a spot that is allocated as a wedding location.

Peg and Turk’s insider tip:

If you are making a trip out to Jasper to scout for a location, it is an excellent time to have your engagement photos taken. What a great opportunity to get to know your photographers and to get comfortable in front of the camera! Hiring a Jasper photography team ensures that you will have the best of both worlds- great photographers as well as local vendor connections. It takes a village to realize your elopement and Jasper has you covered there!

Couple staying on the rocks at Pyramid Island after a surprise wedding proposal in Jasper, Alberta.

Now that you’ve got all the important details taken care of, it’s time to start planning your dream elopement!

Here are a few of our favorite places to elope in Jasper:

Maligne Lake

If you’re looking for a truly romantic setting, look no further than Maligne Lake. This beautiful lake is surrounded by mountains and is the perfect spot for exchanging your vows. Maligne Lake is home to the iconic and mysterious Spirit Island. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jasper National Park and an absolutely beautiful spot to elope. The island can only be reached by boat, making it feel even more special and intimate. You and your photographers can hop in the boat together to get some unforgettable and unique photos. The boat ride is not only beautiful it will allow for some candid and unposed photos along the way.

Pyramid Island

If you’re dreaming of a lakeside elopement, look no further than Pyramid Island. This serene spot is the perfect place to exchange your vows surrounded by nature. Pyramid Island has a bit of everything, from towering mountains to a beautiful lake – it’s the perfect spot for an intimate elopement ceremony.

It’s important to note; that this location can be very busy at times, so it is not the best choice if you are looking for intimacy, but it is breathtaking, nonetheless. The main area with the benches does have to be booked through Parks Canada, however, there are several spots that you don’t have to book, and they can be somewhat private.

Wedding Couple eloping on Pyramid Island in Jasper.

Peg and Turk’s insider tip:

You can always have your ceremony elsewhere and then photos on the island. There is no permit needed to do this.

Check out this sweet Jasper elopement on Pyramid Island

Old Fort Point

If you’re looking for a truly unique spot to get married with a bit of an adventurous climb, Old Fort Point is a perfect choice. It’s great for couples who are looking for stunning panoramic views. Old Fort Point is located just a short drive from the town of Jasper. This is one of those locations that might require you to throw on your hiking boots to get to a perfect ceremony location to call your own. Old Fort Point is a great choice for couples who are looking for a private spot that is still close to town. On top of that, there is no permit required to get married here.

Bride rock climbing at Old Fort Point in Jasper, Alberta.

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge 

If you’re looking for a more luxurious elopement, the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is the perfect spot. With its beautiful setting and world-class amenities, the Fairmont is a truly special place to exchange your vows.

To get married at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, you can contact the wedding department to inquire about availability and pricing.

LGBTQ+ couple elope at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

The Top of Whistler’s Mountain

For an unforgettable ceremony with sweeping views of the Rockies, there is no better spot than the top of Whistlers Mountain. You can take a gondola ride up on the Jasper Skytram to the summit and have your ceremony there, or you can continue the hike up if you’re feeling adventurous. Either way, the views from the top will take your breath away.

Peg and Turk’s insider tip:

Make sure to pre-book your gondola so that you get to the top and can come down when you want to.

Check out this gorgeous Jasper elopement on the Jasper Skytram

Jasper Lake

This spot is a personal favorite of ours! Jasper Lake is located approximately 20 minutes east of the town of Jasper and offers stunning views of the mountains. This is an excellent choice for couples who want to get married in Jasper but don’t want to deal with the crowds. Jasper Lake has a lovely beach and across the highway is a gorgeous hike that overlooks the lake. It is a bit of a challenge, but so worth the effort. If you are planning on eloping in Jasper, we would highly recommend this spot! It is absolutely breathtaking and offers everything you could want in a wedding location. From the stunning views to the privacy, Jasper Lake is the perfect place to elope.

Jasper Lake is a great choice for couples who are looking for a private spot that is still close to town. There is no permit required to get married here, making it a great option for couples who want to keep things simple.

Tekarra Ridge

Tekarra Ridge is located above the Athabasca River and provides a stunning backdrop for your Jasper elopement. You can say your vows surrounded by mountain peaks, evergreen forests, and alpine meadows. Tekarra Ridge is the perfect place to start your life together. Tekarra Ridge is located at the Tekarra Cabins in the back of Jasper and can be booked directly through the hotel. The Tekarra restaurant is amazing and well worth checking out after you say, “I do”.

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Athabasca Falls

This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Jasper, but it is still possible to find some privacy if you are willing to explore a little bit. Athabasca Falls is one of the most iconic falls in Jasper and is worth considering if you are flexible with your ceremony time. You can find some secluded spots near the edge of the river where you will have an incredible view of the mountains.

Peg and Turk’s insider tip:

It is super busy here, so plan for an early ceremony to beat the crowds and capture the beautiful sunrise. There is no permit required to elope here.

Let’s Elope in Jasper!

Now that you know all the best places to elope in Jasper, it’s time to start planning your dream elopement! If you’re looking for experienced and professional photographers to capture your big day, look no further than A Different Angle Photography. We would be honoured to be a part of your special day!

In summary

If you’re looking for an unforgettable elopement experience, Jasper, Alberta is the perfect place. With its breathtaking scenery and many unique locations, you’ll be able to create the wedding of your dreams. Connect with us today to talk about how we can help make your Jasper elopement perfect!

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