Rhys was looking for the perfect sunrise proposal in Jasper

Rhys contacted us in early June from Toronto searching for engagement photography in Jasper. He was looking for the perfect time and location for his surprise proposal in Jasper. It just had to be perfect for the love of his life, Kayla. He bounced around the idea of Medicine Lake, a Maligne Lake cruise to the iconic Spirit Island. After many email exchanges, we decided on the best spot. It would be at the top of Old Fort Point at 6 AM on the morning of July 31, 2021.

man looking up and woman looking at ring finger- sunrise proposal for Jasper photographers
man and woman looking at sign that says marry me- engagement photography Jasper

No sleep for these Jasper Engagement photographers!

For one thing, we were far too excited to capture this amazing moment and for the other, getting up at 5 AM made us think that we might sleep in. A sunrise proposal in the summer is always an early one here in the Rockies! Once we were up we were vibrating with excitement and (almost) didn’t need any coffee to get going. We had a blanket and had purchased some flowers from Elysion Florals. The bouquet marked the spot that we wanted Rhys to propose to Kayla.

flowers in focus in the foreground with man and woman out of focus in the background- enagement photography Jasper

The smoke was thick, but the love thicker!

OK, so that sounds so corny, but despite the fact that it was not the perfect sunrise and that Rhys had hoped for, nor was the weather perfect, there was no denying that the environment was secondary to what this moment was really about. We laid out the blanket and flowers and then hid. When they arrived up the hill carrying a little picnic basket we readied ourselves to spring into action. It happened so quickly and most of the proposal seemed like a blur, so we are glad that our cameras captured all of the action. After spending some time on Old Fort Point we headed to Pyramid Island where the glassy water and majestic mountain ended our time with this lovely young couple. We hope that you like what we captured of this serene morning. A reminder of what is good in this world… Thanks, Rhys and Kayla for entrusting us with your Jasper engagement photography and this moment in your lives.

young couple dancing in front of smoky sky- sunrise proposal for Jasper photographers
young couple embracing against smoky sky- Sunrise proposal for Jasper photographers
man and woman descending hill from behind at Old Fort Point Jasper - Sunrise proposal for Jasper Photographers
man and woman sitting on rocks and cuddling -Sunrise proposal for Jasper photographers
man and woman walking on rocks by Pyramid Island- surprise proposal for Jasper photographers
man holding flowers waiting for woman to cross rocks to come toward him- sunrise proposal for Jasper photographers
Couple standing with foreheads together on rocks in front of Pyramid Mountain- Sunrise proposal for Jasper photographers
man woman walking on rocks at Pyramid Island- Sunrise proposal for Jasper Photographers

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