Booking an engagement session is a great way for you to work with the photographer who will be capturing your wedding. Your Jasper engagement photos are like getting a test run of what to expect on your big day. But, what exactly can you do with all those fabulous images? Here are 8 ways you can put your engagement photos to use.

How to Use Your Engagement Photos

1. Save the Dates

One of the most popular reasons to have engagement photos done is to use them for save the date cards. You can get really creative with different props to let people know when your big day is approaching. Jasper photographers are all familiar with amazing locations for your engagement photos. We can help you find secluded and unique areas to make your engagement session unique.

2. Invitations

If you are skipping the save the date card and just sending our invitations you can use your engagement photos for that as well. There are many different components to a wedding invitation from the actual invitations, RSVP, menu cards, directions, and hotel accommodations lists to the stamps, envelopes, and address labels. There are many places you can use your professional engagement pictures to give your wedding invitations a more personal touch.

3. Guest Book

Creating a customized guest book is a great way to display your engagement photos. You can keep your guest book simple with just an image on the cover with blank pages for guests to sign. Some couples have included a few pages in the sign-in book that lets their guests know how they met, fell in love and end up saying ‘I Do”.

4. Photos for Your Home

There is no better way to start the new life you will be sharing than decorating your new home with your Jasper engagement photos. Having your engagement images hanging on the walls in frames around your home is the perfect way to remember the special bond you two share.

silhouette of man and woman with clouds in the background -8 uses for your Jasper engagement photos
5. Displaying at Your Wedding

There are many ways you can use your engagement photos to decorate your reception venue. You can have large prints made to line the walls of your venue. You can also have a few framed and allow your guest to sign them.

woman's reflection in the water at Pyramid Island- 8 uses for your Jasper enagement photos
6. Photo Montage for Reception or Rehearsal Dinner

Having a sideshow playing as your guests enter the reception area or even to show at your rehearsal dinner is a great way to get your guest talking and adds a little sentimental value. Why wouldn’t you include a few of your engagement photos in it?

7. Party Favor/Gift for Guests

Key chains, postcards, and wine glasses can all be made with your image on them. You’ll want your guests to take home something special to remember your wedding day by. Even if getting a coffee mug isn’t something you think your guests would appreciate, you can still have little place cards personalized with your engagement photo.

8. Social Media Images

The best way to use your Jasper engagement photos is to have them as your profile pictures on your social media accounts. What better way to not only show off your stunning images but to also let everyone know you two will be tying the knot!

We had an amazing photoshoot with Peggy and David, we would recommend them to all our family and friends! We felt comfortable during our photo shoot and our gallery was available in only a few weeks.

black and white silhouette of woman and man as they are about to kiss- 8 uses for your Jasper engagement photos