If you have always wanted a romantic winter wedding in Jasper, 2023 may be your year to do so! Winter is typically a quieter time in Jasper. This makes it possible to say “I do” at one of the many beautiful locations in our little mountain town. All of Jasper’s local wedding vendors are ready to help you plan the winter wedding of your dreams. Planning an intimate elopement of just the two of you or a slightly larger gathering of close friends and family? Jasper is the ideal location for your winter wedding. Many couples dream of tying the knot surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. While a winter wonderland setting is certainly enchanting, keep a few things in mind before you say “I do.” Here’s a look at the pros and cons of having a winter wedding in Jasper.

wedding couple at Athabasca Falls in winter

Winter Weddings in Jasper: Pros and Cons

Winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular in Jasper National Park, Alberta. Local vendors have the local connections and knowledge you need to make your Rocky Mountain winter wedding vision a reality. While there are plenty of advantages to hosting a winter wedding – like running into fewer scheduling conflicts with local venues, having more intimate guest lists, and discovering unique local services like bridal beauty salons, DJs, florists and photographers – remember that winter comes with its own set of challenges. From keeping your guests warm and cozy to making sure you’re prepared for an unexpected snowfall, local experts can help you with their local experience. We’ll ensure that you don’t get caught off guard for your special day. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, consider encouraging your guests to dress for warmth. They can save their wedding attire for your indoor reception. You will be the focus of their attention and they will not have to think about their frozen toes and hands! Take advantage of the quiet majesty that Jasper National Park offers in the snowy season. Plan thoughtfully and make sure every detail is taken care of from rehearsal dinner to saying “I do”.

Wedding couple near Jasper Park Lodge in winter

Outdoor attire

For yourselves, it is also important to dress for the elements. You will want to show off your wedding dress to your guests, but please consider wearing a beautiful coat to enhance your dress. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also allow you to thoroughly enjoy the experience of getting married. A blanket, shawl, or Lululemon jacket does not count as Winter attire!

bride and groom toboganing | Jasper wedding photographers

Come prepared for the elements

This applies to the grooms as well. There is nothing worse than wearing dress shoes with leather souls and wiping out in the snow- it is a common theme that we see. When planning for your Winter wedding, consider long johns, mitts, and winter boots to complete your wedding attire. Many of the locations that we would love to take you to for beautiful photos require us all to walk through the snow. If you have elderly family members or very young children attending you may want to consider having an indoor backup location for your ceremony and family photos. The majority of hotels in Jasper can assist you with this issue. Pyramid Lake Resort, Jasper Park Lodge and Forest Park Hotel are all amazing venues with backup locations. We can always get you and your wedding party outside for photos as long as you come prepared.

Winter wedding in Jasper

The benefits of getting married in Jasper National Park

If you’re looking for small, intimate affairs and want to get in touch with the very best small wedding venues in the area, planning your nuptials in Jasper National Park is an excellent choice. The close-knit wedding community here can provide you with access to some of their inside knowledge and contacts, making your Jasper winter wedding unique. What’s great about winter weddings is that there are significantly fewer people travelling through the park. Plus, even though it might be cold outside, the weather is usually quite predictable! All in all, Jasper is a prime location for the unforgettable winter wonderland wedding of your dreams.

How do you want YOUR wedding to FEEL?

wedding party running in front of Pyramid Island|Jasper winter wedding

The drawbacks of having a winter wedding in Jasper National Park

If you’re thinking of having a winter wedding at Jasper, there are a few considerations to make note of. Road conditions in the park can be unpredictable during cold months and the wind can make temperatures icier. As mentioned, proper clothing is essential for any bridal parties or guests who will be attending an outdoor ceremony – you don’t want anyone to have their big day end early due to frostbite! This is so easy to address! Make sure to make your guests and wedding party aware that they must come prepared.

Wedding couple displaying their winter mitts in the snow|Jasper winter weddings
Check out these super cute mitts!

Local experts will help plan your Jasper winter wedding

These photographers are absolutely amazing. The photos are so unique because each of them has their own gift for capturing those special moments. We are thrilled with the photos of our wedding day! Peggy was completely open to having us hike to our special destination for the first look. It was an experience we will never forget. They helped us both relax, with their kind and personable demeanour, and they are a lot of fun. The beautiful photos will allow us to relive our special day and we are so grateful to have chosen them!!!

Rachelle and Mark

Taking advantage of quiet winter in Jasper National Park. Experience all its majesty in the perfect way to make your winter wedding special. To make this a reality, it pays to look beyond the typical wedding planning resources and tap into local expertise. Consult local experts who know the area like nobody else. We have made all kinds of winter weddings come to life. Reaching out for advice can help you plan every detail so that your celebration perfectly captures the spirit of the season in the stunning landscape of Jasper National Park. Don’t be afraid to ask questions—we will be more than happy to help you make your dreams come true!

Let’s have some fun!!

The time of day that you hold your ceremony is just as important as how you dress for the elements. With the days becoming shorter and the sun dipping below the mountains, having your ceremony earlier in the day ensures that you will have plenty of light for photos. Also, allow time to travel to different locations and to pop into your vehicles to warm up when necessary. The shorter days will also give you an opportunity for some nighttime photos if you would like to do so.

wedding couple sitting on the stairs at night time at Pyramid LaKe Lodge|Jasper winter wedding

Regardless of the time of year that you choose to exchange your vows in Jasper, please choose licensed local wedding experts who know the area and more importantly work together as a team to help you create your perfect wedding experience in the Rockies.

Winter wedding in Jasper
We love Winter weddings in Jasper!

How to make your winter wedding in Jasper National Park perfect

For anyone looking to make their winter wedding in Jasper National Park perfect, local experts are the key. An open mind and enthusiasm for adventure are also essential! No two people’s interpretation of perfect is the same. That’s why local insight is so invaluable when it comes to making your wedding a dream come true. Fill your special day with meaningful experiences and local knowledge can take you there, from a beautiful sleigh ride on Pyramid Lake for romantic photos to indulging in an intimate skating session at Jasper Park Lodge. Oh, and don’t forget to make time for breathtaking star gazing at the Jasper Planetarium. Jasper National Park promises some of the clearest night-sky views around! With local help, you’ll have all the ingredients you need to make your winter wedding perfect in every way that matters most – yours!

silhouette of wedding couple on Pyramid Lake in the winter

Check out this beautiful winter wedding at the Forest Park Hotel

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