Having your family portrait taken can be a wonderful way to remember your visit to Jasper. Here are a few tips that we can offer to make your session fun and stress-free. To get great family photos in Jasper, this is what we suggest:

Here are some family photo tips:

  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and that represent your personality. There was a time where the trend was to have family members wear similar colors to make everyone look the same. While this is ok, its better to have everyone be themselves. Years later when you look at your photos, you see personalities that have inevitably changed. Forcing teenagers to wear something that they do not want can create tension and make the photo session less than pleasant! Just let everyone be themselves and the session should flow smoothly. Consider where you are having your photos taken. If you are doing an outdoor session in the mountain, a dress, and heels, may not be the best choice.
  • One pointer that we can not recommend enough is when there are small children involved: Parents often look down at them and say, “look at the camera”. This often creates a photo where the child is looking down the lens and the parents are looking down the child. Trust your photographer to get your child’s attention and keep your eyes on the photographer’s lens. You will be sure to get several great photos this way!
  • Don’t force your child to smile. Often the best portraits are when children are left alone and they drop their guard. Images that show off a certain naturalness and vulnerability can only come when children drop their guard for just awhile. If your child is smiley by nature- great. If they are not, let your photographer capture them as they are. Let their personality shine through in the photos.


More tips: 

  • Don’t stand next to your photographer and clap your hands to get your child’s attention. What happens is the child looks at you rather than down the lens. If you stand directly behind the photographer, you will do a much better job of assisting to get a great photo.
  • Do show up ready and relaxed and hire a professional Jasper photographer to capture your family photos so that you don’t have to worry or stress about capturing your family’s personality! A professional will be able to smoothly set-up a group of 3 up to 30 easily. Find out how much experience your photographer has when looking for the photographer best suited to your family’s dynamics. Let your photographer know a few important details about your family so they can capture all the moments and relationships. A greata photo session allows everyone to have their own unique personality. This makes this portrait truly come alive! A family portrait is so much more than a group of people staring down a camera lens. It is truly a slice of life.


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