We have been racking our brains thinking about what we should write about for our very first blog post. With so much time to contemplate lately, we thought about what first got us into photography. We realized that it is our love of capturing human connection through observation and the camera that we hold in our hands. There was one session early in 2020 that nailed it for us. We refer to it as, “The Sisters Session” with great affection.

The email that got us so excited.

Jennifer sent us an email explaining that she had been adopted and had recently reconnected with her two sisters. Jennifer always knew that she was adopted, but the other sisters, Kyla and Nicki, did not. They were planning a sister getaway in Jasper to spend some time together. To us, this was one of the most inspiring emails to receive and we could not wait to meet them.

Their bond, from the minute that we met them at Pyramid Island, was so evident. They had such similarities and were so obviously related. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon! We are all now part of their story, and they, ours. Thank you Jennifer, Kyla, and Nicki for letting us into your world and for letting us capture your love for each other.

“In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips”