The most popular reason for people to choose daytime for an event like a wedding is for the sake of good photography. Most people believe that it can be easier to get the best pictures in broad daylight than at any other time of the day. It may seem difficult, but with the right techniques, you can take some amazing pictures at night time too. Below is our list of suggestions that you can use to take great portrait and wedding photos in low light.

Here are our tips:

1. Pick the time right after sunset

Pyramid Island at sunset

Best time of day for photos:

The ideal time to click the best pictures is just after dusk. This is the perfect window for you to get the best of both indoor and outdoor lighting. The beautiful blend of artificial and natural light creates the perfect look for a couple’s wedding pictures. Therefore, the contrast of yellow lights with the dark blue sky creates the most photogenic background for wedding photography and portrait photography.

Where is the light coming from?

2. Capture the light falling on your face
The most important thing to consider is to avoid standing in front of a bright or luminous object. Next, the source of light is supposed to be either in front or to the sides, so it falls on the person’s face in front of the camera. Depending on the light’s brightness and intensity, you can decide how close you need to be to the source of light. Finally, an ideal picture can be captured when light is falling on the bride and groom from more than one source of light, coming from opposite directions. You can create a contrast between a dim light coming from one direction and a brighter light falling in from the opposite. There can be numerous ways to execute this, depending on the color scheme and the background.

What are the best camera settings?

3. Keep your aperture open
As light availability can be scarce for a nighttime photo session, you need to capture as much light as you can by keeping the aperture as open as possible. The smaller the aperture; the more light can be concentrated and captured.

Think about overall lighting of the scene.

4. Create a bright-to-dark contrast
Use the dark background to your strength and create a beautiful contrast between bright and dark colors. In great wedding photos, the darker the background, the more your light source will stand out. It is the smartest way to capture outdoor decorative lights. Take pictures of these bright lights, from a distance, against a dark sky and make your wedding scenery look stunning.

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The ultimate answer?

Trust Jasper wedding photographers

5. Or leave it to Jasper Photographers!
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