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Wedding photographers in Jasper are never short of photo possibilities as it is a gorgeous location tucked away in the Rockies and overflowing with breathtaking alpine views and forests. We at A Different Angle Photography look forward to providing you with the legacy that will be passed on for generations in your family and could be an inspiration for future weddings. Weeks after your wedding is done, there’s not much to show for it except your wedding photos which you will proudly share with loved ones. We have the expertise and vision to take care of all your photography needs providing you with a stress-free wedding day, which is often an unrealized hope.

Our wedding photographers in Jasper at A Different Angle Photography are local experts and are well versed in the area and know how to capture all of your intimate moments and raw emotions through their lenses, so you can look back on your day fondly and with clarity. Your wedding is about all of the details which are often overlooked, but at A Different Angle Photography, we know that details are what pull the entire wedding together. Your resulting photo album will be able to join all the dots for you from the flower centerpieces to the look in your parents’ eyes while they watch you exchange your vows. The subtle intimacy of the ceremony and the rambunctious celebrations of the reception will seem like a dream when it’s over.  You will always have your wedding photos created by A Different Angle Photography that will make it all memorable.

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Words often fail to describe the majestic beauty of Jasper, so we will not even attempt to do so, as it won’t do it justice. Choosing it as a venue for your wedding is an easy decision. Who hasn’t grown up imagining such backdrops and views where each scene is more inspiring than the next. If you have chosen Jasper as your wedding venue, then you are about to see your dreams materialize.  Wedding photographers in Jasper love the outdoor photo opportunities, and Jasper has endless options to its name. You can have an intimate wedding or an extravagant one; nothing will impact those photos as there is no chance of missing a photo at a wedding that has Jasper as its wallpaper.

Winter weddings in Jasper are stunning!

Imagine saying vows on top of a mountain or in front of an emerald green lake. Couples often have such images stored in their minds for their wedding, and it is the duty of the Jasper wedding photographer you select for your special day to capture these for you. From snow-covered weddings to bright sunny summer days, Jasper has incredible seasons that provide limitless photo opportunities. At A Different Angle Photography, we believe that photos have the power to bring out the soul of each moment, which is what makes them distinct from conventional images. So choose the wedding photographers Jasper who have the same artistic style as you and can capture your personality in each shot so that your wedding album is something that you will treasure always.

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